Energy, Light

The goldsmith's work, the very particular brilliance of the works of this plastic artist and therapist from Martinique earned her the nickname of "Zena la Vermeilleuse".

A dreamy and exhilarated teenager, Zena sets out to find the path to happiness. She paints dancing people, ball scenes and nature lends her her incredible palette of colours.

According to the "Vermeilleuse", the path to happiness is through well-being, love of one's neighbour, the expression of one's talents, and personal fulfilment. Zena distills happiness by associating her know-how:
- She teaches the Yoga of Laughter
- She practices relaxation therapy
- She is a consultant in nutritional immunology and believes in food therapy.

His degree in Applied Biochemistry allows him to introduce you to a healthy cuisine of excellence.
His skills allow him to develop concepts such as :
- The workshop "Spoons, Brushes and Creations" for children who are sometimes gifted and sometimes handicapped.
- "Sublime Cooking Art ", a culinary workshop aimed at a vegan clientele in search of the secret of form and refinement.

Univers, cosmos

The quintessence of the artist is expressed in his pictorial art. Zena la Vermeilleuse paints on all supports, her imaginary world inspired by the Universe, the Cosmos. She paints with her fingers as with a brush on giant canvases, walls, everyday objects.

Its favourite material, glass, lends itself to the game through its transparency and light. She applies to it symbols as old as the world, of prosperity, eternity and humanity.
Those who own the creations of this passionate little woman consider them as talismanic objects, sacred charms illustrating key moments in their lives.